We offer every aspect needed to guarantee your job is in compliance with all SWPPP regulations. We guarantee that all of employees use BMP’s when installing and maintaining your jobs. We start with a consultation with you to ensure we meet your erosion control needs.


Straw Wattle

Straw wattles help temporarily prevent sediment from leaving a job site and help with storm water runoff causing sediments to deposit at wattles. SSP can insure we provide and install the highest quality straw wattle at your jobs.

Straw Blankets

Straw Blankets are used on channels and slopes to provide temporary ground cover while allowing normal vegetation to mature while also providing moisture retention, slope protection, and reducing water velocity. SSP will ensure that the best blanket is used for your jobs needs.

Silt Fencing

Silt fencing is a great barrier for sediment and the most common. Choosing the correct grade is very import being there are a variety of grades available. Choosing the grade is dependent on areas being protected, flow rates, and the length of the project. We are able to add steal post and wire reinforcement for areas that are more critical. SSP will make sure that the perfect grade fencing and reinforcements are used depending on your job’s needs.

Sand Bags

Sand bags are a very important part of redirecting storm and debris flow away from job sites or land improvement. SSP can ensure the proper amount and sized sandbags are delivered and installed at your job site for temporary erosion control.

Water Trucks

Let SSP and our skilled and professional drivers help you comply with you dust control requirements. Our Water trucks are well maintained and ready to keep the dust down on any job.


SSP is here for all your job site SWPPP needs and maintenance. We have fully staffed crew to continue to maintain cleanup of sites on an ongoing basis to help reduce storm water quality infractions. For any of your sites erosion control needs give us a call.